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Make your ideas become reality simply by dragging and dropping – no coding required.


Learn how simple it is to design a clickflow that perfectly matches your brand.

Track & Analyze

Track every step in your flow and become data-driven in your decision making process.

All Features

Take a deep dive into Niro’s features and see what makes Niro stand out.

Privacy & Security

Don’t take any risks when it comes to your business data and your user’s privacy.

Powerful Features to Grow Your Business

Design and integrate your clickflow in a fraction of the time it takes a developer. Design and optimized to engage your visitors and achieve high-conversions – every time.


Standard blocks

Choose from over 25 building blocks, including Multiple Choice, Picture Choice, Range Slider, Icon Ratings and many more!

Advanced input field

Utilize every option our input field offers: required, pattern validation, error handling, auto suggest, prefix, suffix, and so much more.

Conditional logic

Dynamically respond to your users’ answers and set personalized question paths. Create conditional logic by simply connecting your screens.

File upload block

Securely collect any type of file from your respondents. This includes 2GB data storage per flow. You can even pass files to Zapier & co.

Redirect anywhere

Redirect your users to any website upon submission, in the middle of the flow or anywhere. No limitations.

Customize every screen

Start screen, response screen, any screen! You can design every screen to your liking. No limitations.

Custom JavaScript

Add custom JavaScript and implement complex logic, calculations and what else you can think of. Your code is even bundled on build-time to ensure the best performance possible.

Premium templates

Access and start from our premium templates. Tested and designed by Niro for highest conversion rates.

GDPR compliance features

Flag personal information as sensitive to avoid them being stored on Niro’s servers. A super simple solution to be 100% GDPR compliant.

Personalize with dynamic content

Say "Hello, @firstname!" Pass information you have from respondents to personalize the user experience.


30,000+ icons

Choose from 30,000+ premium icons, and you’ll be sure to find one that fits just right. Our integrated icon selector lets you pick your favorite icons fast.


Beyond the 30,000+ premium icons, we’re supporting popular icon collections such as FontAwesome, Material Icons, and Ionicons. And we’re continually adding more!

Mobile perfect

Niro flows are optimized for mobile users and are 100% responsive. Every flow works on every screen size – by default: forget complicated breaking points and media queries.

1000+ Web-fonts

Select and integrate your favorite font in the Niro app and use variations throughout your clickflow. Powered by Google Fonts.

600+ styles

Edit the design variables and choose from design presests to make your flow pixel perfect. Niro’s 600+ design variables go well beyond any "customization" you’re used to.

Custom CSS

Add your own CSS to make your flow pixel-perfect. Niro even supports lessjs and bundles your code to optimize loading times.

Custom fonts

Integrate your own fonts to communicate your brand perfectly.


Google Sheets

Receive all responses in your Google Sheets. Add filters, views, and add visualizations to get insights into your data.


Using zapier, you can send responses and leads from Niro to 2000+ apps via Zaps.


Receive all responses in your Slack. Select a channel and get notified instantly whenever a response is submitted. With data privacy in mind, you can choose if you just want to be notified or receive the full response.


Send your leads to Pipedrive and manage your deals effectively. The setup is super simple.


Push all responses into your Asana workspace to organize leads, deals and tasks.

Webhook API

Send all responses to your own custom integration via HTTP(S) webhooks.


Statistics dashboard

Get insights on the performance of your flow at a glance. See weekly, monthly and daily performances and compare with previous periods.

Google Analytics

Integrate your Google Analytics to analyse your visitors’ behaviour and optimise your flow. Just add your tracking ID in Niro and instantly receive insights.

Google Tag Manager

You’re an online marketing expert and have your custom tag and trigger setup? Integrate Google Tag Manager to deploy and edit all your tags in one place.

Facebook Pixel

Integrate Facebook Pixel just by entering your Pixel ID to track your Facebook marketing campaigns and retarget visitors successfully.

Pass URL Parameters

Automatically pass URL parameters, such as names, emails or UTM parameters (e.g., utm_campaign=facebook), to your flow and to the responses. No setup required.

Publish Hosting

Publish your clickflow as an optimised static version with blazingly fast performance. It’s instantly available on the world wide web at – encrypted and secure.

Website embedding

Integrate your flow on your website, no matter if plain HTML, wordpress, webflow, instapage, or any other provider.

Connect your domains (incl. HTTPS/SSL cert.)

Connect your clickflow with your own domain. Niro will even create and manage an SSL certificate for you. Powered by Let’s Encrypt.

Popup embedding

Integrate your Niro clickflow as a popup on your website. Open your flow on a button click or programmatically by a simple #niroflow hash navigation.

Self-host data

Connect your flows with your API and receive all data directly in your data warehouse without it ever touching our servers.

Host anywhere

If you underly rigid compliance constraints, worry no more. Niro allows you to self-host your flows, e.g., on your private network.



We’re continously extending our help documentation with how-to guides, videos and articles to help you build whatever you have in mind.


Get help fast. We know how frustrating it can be when you’re stuck. That’s why we – Business, Tech, Design – provide the support ourselves. We speak English and German.