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Make your ideas become reality simply by dragging and dropping – no coding required.


Learn how simple it is to design a clickflow that perfectly matches your brand.

Track & Analyze

Track every step in your flow and become data-driven in your decision making process.

All Features

Take a deep dive into Niro’s features and see what makes Niro stand out.

Privacy & Security

Don’t take any risks when it comes to your business data and your user’s privacy.

Building Clickflows Without a Developer? Now You Can.

Getting developer resources does not only take time but can also cost a fortune. With Niro, you can make your idea become reality just by yourself. No more back and forth. Just do it yourself! It’s super easy.

Build Any Flow in Minutes

With simple features such as drag & drop, real-time preview, and color pickers, Niro helps you turn your ideas into reality. Choose from 20+ building blocks to a versatile flow in no time – no coding required!

Set up Personalized Question Paths

Dynamically respond to your users’ answers and set up personalized question paths with conditional logic. Define routes and if-this-then-that logic to engage smarter, more human, simply better.

Supercharge your clickflow

But what if you want custom calculations? How about product recommendations or special tracking pixels? Niro’s modularity allows you to integrate custom HTML and JavaScript that’s even bundled and optimized on build-time.

Publish Fast, to your own Domain

Happy with what you’ve built? Then it’s time to publish your Clickflow – either to a secure source hosted by Niro or to your business’s custom domain. Any changes will appear instantly wherever you’ve integrated your clickflow.

More Features to Build

File upload block

Securely collect any type of file from your respondents. This includes 2GB data storage per flow. You can even pass files to Zapier & co.

Personalize with dynamic content

Say "Hello, @firstname!" Pass information you have from respondents to personalize the user experience.

Advanced input field

Utilize every option our input field offers: required, pattern validation, error handling, auto suggest, prefix, suffix, and so much more.

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